Important Update to Strawberry Farms School Lunch Delivery

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From the school district: (Please share with your neighbors who might not check their email)

Starting Monday, April 20, instead of delivering one breakfast and one lunch every day, Westerville City Schools will begin delivering five breakfasts and five lunches one time each week on Monday.

Once this change takes place, your meals for the entire week will be delivered each Monday at the same time and location as they are being delivered now. Our schools are closed through at least May 1, which means weekly meal delivery would take place on Monday, April 20, and again on Monday, April 27.

We want you to know, should the state extend school closures until the end of the scheduled school year, we plan to provide meals every Monday, at the same times and locations. We are happy to provide this service for your families and will deliver these meals to you as long as necessary. We will be sure to remind you of these meal delivery details if the state decides that schools should remain closed beyond May 1.

Each weekly meal bag available to you beginning April 20 will contain items that you can use for five breakfasts. The bag will also include one lunch item that is already prepared so your student can eat it that day. Finally, we will also include four other lunch meals, complete with cooking instructions, for future preparation.

Making this change allows us to improve the efficiency of our meal delivery service to you, and it also allows us to provide you with a greater variety of food. Most importantly, making this change means you, your children, and our staff members do not have to leave home as many times to participate in this meal program.

Thank you for your understanding and continued cooperation. Please remember to follow social distancing guidelines when you come to get your meals, consider wearing a protective mask or homemade face covering when you are out, and stay at home as much as possible at all other times.

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