Strawberry Farms Civic Association Board of Trustees


President:   Alice Foeller

Vice-President:  vacant

Secretary:  Brenda Bradford Weaver

Treasurer:  Monica Stigler

Board Members:

Director of Neighborhood Safety:  Mott Given

NCC Representative:  vacant

Director of Membership:   Monica Stigler

Director of Landscape Maintenance: Ryan Waltz

Director of Social Activities: Melinda Weiss

Newsletter Editor: vacant

Web Master:  Alice Foeller

Director of Advertising:  Lindi Martsolf

Dir. of Newsletter Distribution: vacant

Director of Neighborhood Relations:  vacant


Please consider volunteering for one of our vacant positions on the board and helping out your community! If you’re interested in any of these positions, please email our President, Alice Foeller at

Red are our most needed positions to be filled in order to best serve the SF community!