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Submitted by Theresa VanDavis, Dir. of Safety

I would like to encourage all of my neighbors to join the SFCA. For only $15 per year, you can participate in building a stronger community.

We have accomplished so much in the last year under the leadership of President Tina Morris.

  • We have won 1 grant and have applied for 2 additional grants to improve the landscaping in the neighborhood.
  • We have gotten a handle on the graffiti which I am positive you all have noticed the absence of said – not only in SF but in the roads leading into our subdivision as well!
  • We have established 17 Block Watches and are working to expand again this summer.
  • We have a strong presence on the Northland Community Council in representing SF in Business Development, and Code Enforcement.
  • We have had wonderful participation on National Night Out with 5 neighborhoods participating.
  • We have established strong relationships with the CPD, especially Officer Chris Riley.
  • We have cleaned up the landscaping in several areas of the neighborhood and Patti Fitzgerald has done a majority of the work by herself.  We could use more help!!!
  • We have had several key events for our community like the Fall Festival at which over 200 people attended, and a Christmas Party in December.
  • We have built strong business relationships with the EMA, and the Church on the corner of Strawberry Farms Blvd and 161.
  • We have partnered with the Church for an Easter Event in March at which all our neighbors are invited to hunt Easter Eggs!  More infor to come!!
  • We have garnered very positive press in our local newspapers!
  • We have built strong relationships with City Hall.
  • We have built strong relationships with Metro Parks.
  • We have built strong relationships with the Gang Awareness Unit.
  • We are working with ODOT to have an intersection and new lights considered at Strawberry Farms Blvd and the 161 in the aftermath of the tragic accident which occurred at the end of last year.
  • We have kept the SF Park safe and graffiti free.
  • We have apprised our neighbors of any criminal acitivity in our neighborhoods.

All of these things have been done by our membership on behalf of all residents of Strawberry Farms.

I am humbly asking all of you to join the Civic Association and help to keep this momentum going. Without your help, we cannot prosper. We cannot become community unless we all volunteer to do a small service for others. It does not take a lot of money – only $15 – and it does not have to take any more time than what you are willing to give.

Tell your neighbors about the SFCA. Encourage them to join the SFCA. Come out to a meeting. Meetings are held on the 4th Monday of the month at 6:30 in the evening at the Church. They are only 1 hour long!

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