Councilmember Zach Klein Urges Residents To Take Precautions To Protect Themselves Against Crime

Bill pending in Ohio to allow police to file a lawsuit to board up properties with repeated violent acts
April 26, 2015
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio offers tips for electric outage preparation
June 10, 2015

Dear Community Leaders,

As the Chairman of Public Safety Committee at Columbus City Council, I make it a priority to provide you with safety and crime prevention tools.  The following link will direct you to an interesting video by the Columbus Division of Police and The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, highlighting a unique look at criminal behavior, specifically burglary, from the perspective of a criminal. The hope is that we can better protect ourselves against crimes like burglary when we understand the thought process of the criminal.   I found it to be informative and helpful, and I hope this information helps you make safer decisions when protecting yourself and your neighborhoods.

In the video, the “report it” system is mentioned.  Here is a link to this service, if you choose to register your valuables in the system:

Here is a link to Columbus Division of Police’s “Residential Security” tips:

To call The Columbus Division of Police, in a non-emergency situation, dial:   (614) 645-4545.

As more safety and crime prevention best practices information comes along, I’ll be sure to share.



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