If you have lost a pet in the neighborhood, or have found a stray animal you believe belongs to someone, then check this page for information. We will post any lost pets to this page with any information we have, including a photo.

If you see your lost pet here, or if you’ve found someone’s lost pet, then contact Tina at the Strawberry Farms Civic Association.


Found Pets

Lost Kitty

Found black & white ‘tuxedo’ cat in the Blueberry Hollow area.
Approximately 1-2 years old.

Found Cat

We found a cat in the area of Magnolia Blossom and Merry Oak.  Please contact the Civic Association on Facebook or the website if this is […]

Make sure to license your dog by January 31

Why should I license my dog? Well, first and foremost licensing your dog is the law. Licensing your pet is also a great identification tag to […]

Found cat July 29

I found an orange cat in Strawberry Farms on Friday.  He is a friendly, very beautiful, long-haired, curly whiskered, soft, lovely boy.  He has an orange […]