Strawberry Farms Meeting Tonight on Zoom!

Ninja Bowl Food Truck tonight 4/2 in Strawberry Farms
April 2, 2021
Strawberry Farms Garage Sale Sat May 15
May 13, 2021

Are you concerned about the neighborhood?

Do you have ideas or complaints?

Please join our Strawberry Farms Community Association Zoom meeting tonight, Tuesday April 27 at 7p.

Meeting ID: 863 4228 3653

Passcode: 402738

One tap mobile +13017158592,,86342283653#

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  1. Jack Trott says:

    I just read about the meeting tonight. I don’t zoom, and would only, and maybe, go to a meeting in person. There is plenty to complain about in our neighborhood, but whenever I’ve complained in the past, no one seems to share my concerns. Just one example, my neighbor across the street sold her house and the new people moved in last summer. They are allowing the house to go to crap. As of today, 4-27, the Christmas lights are still up. The Christmas lights that were never turned on during the Christmas season. Also, they haven’t mowed yet this year, compared to my 5 mowing’s. Also, the old homeowner had a real nice boxwood hedge along the sidewalk going to the front door, and soon after the new owners moved in, they cut all the green out of the bushes, and just left the stems sticking out of the ground. It looks ridiculous. Well, that is just one of many concerns I have about our neighborhood. And 161 down to I-71 is also going to crap, and the NCC don’t seem to care. One more things, yesterday as I drove home around 6:30 there was a group of about 10 boys standing on the sidewalk by the end of Killowen Ct. and Strawberry Farms and one was peeing on the large oak tree, in broad daylight. Not a good look for our once nice neighborhood.

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