Update Concerning Church Property Sale – November 2013

National Crime Prevention Month
October 24, 2013
November 14, 2013
National Crime Prevention Month
October 24, 2013
November 14, 2013

Submitted by Tina Morris, SF President and Theresa VanDavis SF Vice-President

On October 8, 2013, a Strawberry Farms Community Meeting was held at the EMA Building to discuss the sale of the Easton Worship Center property on 5400 Strawberry Farms Blvd and Forest Edge.  The property is currently owned by the Assembly of God. It is parcel number 600-118475-00 on the Auditor’s web site.  Jeff Brown, the attorney for the Assembly of God met with the community members to discuss the sale of the property.  He represents both the buyer and the seller.

The purpose of the meeting was to share information on the proposed change in Zoning Code from C2 to C4 and the impact that change would have on the Strawberry Farms Community.  Community Members were able to ask questions after the presentation by Mr. Brown.

We learned that the property is currently in contract to Metro Development Corporation, which is a builder of condominiums and apartment complexes.  We learned that the prospective owner would demolish the 24,000 square foot church building that is currently on that property, which was built in 1980.

We asked Mr. Brown if he would be available for another meeting on October 29th in which he would present a Site Plan.  He couldn’t give us any date in which the Site Plan would be ready.

We were assured that Mr. Brown would not go forward with a presentation to the NCC Development Council or the City Council without meeting with the Strawberry Farms Community.

After the presentation, it was agreed that we would meet again with Mr. Brown who would present a site plan so that the community would have a better idea about what would be built on the property.

October 29th the Strawberry Farms Community met again at the EMA Building.  Mr. Brown was unable to attend the meeting.  The Community decided to appoint a Working Group comprised primarily of community neighbors who would be most impacted by the change in Code and the building of a new structure.

A follow up meeting with the Working Group is planned for Nov. 19th at the EMA building at 7:00 and will end at 8:30.

Below is the link to city codes.  Just scroll and look for C1, C2, C3, AND C4.  C4 Includes C1,2 and 3 as well.  So almost anything can go on the property if the zoning is changed to C4.  Right now the property is zoned Rural Residential.  But part is zoned C2 non-profit and the stop sign corner is C5 Highway.  The parcel is 10.5 acres and abuts Trillium Ct.


Questions that citizens are asking:

  • What kind of businesses could be built there?  (almost anything under C4 Commercial Zoning
  • What will happen to the SF entrance?
  • Can they make an entrance from 161?
  • What traffic problems can occur?  There are all ready more accidents since the last U-turn project…this could cause even more.
  • How will this affect our property values?


Here are a few of the things we are asking of the community:

  1. Get as many people as possible to the NCC meeting when this will be addressed.
  2. Form a committee with representatives from the neighboring streets to develop a list of concerns. We need a large number of people involved to be able to even have a chance at making a difference.
  3. Appeal to Mayor Coleman since he used to live if Strawberry Farms.
  4. Keep residential zoning. No C4 Commercial zoning!


More will be discussed at the meeting, so please come out and be a participant!

Again, a follow up meeting with the Working Group (and anyone else who would like to help) is planned for Nov.19th at the EMA building beginning at 7:00 and ending at 8:30.  Please come out to this meeting and spread the word to others!  We welcome Huber Ridge residents as well, and thank them for their interest in this as well.

A huge thank you to EMA for supporting Strawberry Farms in this and many other endeavors! 

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