Northland Swim Club Invites Strawberry Farms Residents to Become Members

Schedule of Events for Strawberry Farms Neighborhood Pride Week!
May 1, 2018
Monthly Wine & Cheese is 5/21 from 7-8pm at Four Pointe Apartments
May 21, 2018

Northland Swim Club located at 5006 Almont Drive was founded in 1965. At the time, residents of Woodward Park found nearby Sequoia Pool, in an adjacent neighborhood, to be too crowded for them to establish a beachhead. After considering the idea of building the neighborhood’s own swim club, several residents of Woodward Park launched a major capital campaign that financed the construction of a beautiful outdoor pool in the heart of the neighborhood, with Olympic-sized swimming lanes, ample free swimming space, a diving bay, a large baby pool, a shelter house, and expansive grassy areas around the pool. It was a huge hit with the community.

More than five decades later, countless individuals could testify that Northland Swim Club has been the centerpoint of their summers. Multiple generations of members look back to swim meets, family parties, learning new dives and new swimming strokes, and lazy summer days spent relaxing in the sun. The oak trees planted in the grassy areas of the pool are now large and stately. Children who had their first exposure to swimming at NSC are now adults with their own children.

Though NSC has a rich heritage, we believe the pool can be a community asset for years into the future. Recently the pool has attained 501c3 status as a charitable organization, which reflects NSC’s now-wider reach to the community. Any person, regardless of their place of residence, may become a member or attend our pool as a guest, even if not accompanied by a member. Several day care organizations and outside swim teams utilize the pool. Members from all over central Ohio call Northland Swim Club home.

We have many fun activities that take place throughout the summer: family fun nights, movie nights, swim lessons, water aerobics, cookouts… we even have our own swim team for ages 5-18 that competes weekly in a local swim league. We’d love for you to join in on the fun, and this summer we are offering 25% off for first-time members (good until June 18, 2018)! Check out our website for further information. We hope to see you at our community pool this summer!

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