Neighborhood Wine & Cheese Meeting June 20

Mulch Spreading Party Rescheduled: June 17, 10AM
June 8, 2017
Northland Community Bazaar
September 1, 2017
The Strawberry Farms Civic Association will be hosting a neighborhood Wine and Cheese meeting Tuesday June 20 from 7pm to 8pm at the rental offices at Four Pointe apartments. (The new apartments at the corner of 161 and Strawberry Farms Blvd. Rental office is near the flags and has a sign out front.)
We will be discussing how our May events went, as well as pending requests for assistance, crime and development, and what is happening in the greater Northland area.
There will be an opportunity to bring up neighborhood issues, find out the latest happenings in our community and the larger Northland area, etc.
For your reference, our current board is listed here
…and you can easily renew your membership for $15 online.
The Civic Association is a voluntary membership organization dedicated to improving and maintaining the quality of our neighborhood. We are a member of the Northland Community Council, which advises the Columbus City Council. Remember: Good government starts in our own sidewalks and parks! Be a “joiner!”

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