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G108 Community Mass Care Management Provided by Ohio Emergency Management Agency Field Operations, Training and Exercise Branch
February 20, 2013
The Central Ohio Amateur Radio Emergency Service (COARES) present intro to CERT emergency communications April 6
February 22, 2013


To Your Organization’s Safety Officer: March 3 – 9 is Spring Severe Weather Awareness Week in Ohio. Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security urges you to exercise your tornado safety plan during the Statewide Tornado Drill at 9:50 a.m. Wednesday, March 6.  Tornadoes are a significant hazard here; there have more than two dozen in Franklin County since 1950. Designing and exercising a plan for your establishment will help you respond safely in a real event.
  • Listen for the outdoor sirens at 9:50 a.m. on March 6.
  • Note this will take the place of the weekly Wednesday noontime outdoor warning siren test in Franklin County, and the system will be activated with a longer tone (three minutes) than in the regular Wednesday tests.  
  • Practice your safety plan — go to your designated tornado shelter. Click herefor more information.
  • Tell us about your participation and provide your email address in our online survey at: We will email you a certificate of participation in return.
Be Informed
  • Get a weather alert radio. They’re available from most electronics stores and many major retailers. Learn more at
  • Learn about tornadoes and other severe weather hazards we face in Franklin County at the FCEM&HS Web site:
  • Take a class like Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. Visit the FCEM&HS Web site and click on “Volunteers.” 
Make a Plan
  • Decide on the safest place to shelter during tornadoes at work, home or school.
  • Keep extra emergency supplies on hand, including a battery-operated radio, food, water and medication.
  • Learn about emergency plans online at Ready.Gov.
Get Involved
  • If you can’t participate in the tornado drill on March 6, conduct your own drill on another day this spring.
  • Volunteer five minutes each week monitoring the Franklin County Outdoor Warning Siren System during weekly siren tests.  Get detailshere.

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