Meet the School Bus for Free Lunches Weekdays (18 and Younger)

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March 24, 2020
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April 7, 2020

Westerville City Schools is providing free breakfast/lunch packs to all children in Strawberry Farms Monday through Friday.

Each student must pick up his/her own lunch from the bus. (You can’t take an extra home for a sibling.)

Here are the meal location stops. Visit the one closest to you:

TIME                 LOCATION

11:00 am  —>  3761 ASHTON WOODS PL  (in Ashton Woods Apartments)

11:15 am  —>  ELLERDALE DR & PENDLESTONE DR  (west side, on the way to the park)

11:45 am  —>  KELLEN DR & STRAWBERRY GLADE DR (south end, off Buttonbush)

12:15 pm  —>  DAFFODIL DR & WILLOW HOLLOW DR (east side, near Magnolia Blossom)

12:45 pm  —>  HIGHLANDS FARMS & SUMMIT POINTE (near Four Point apartments)


If you don’t know where these intersection are, click the map.

Rather than paying bus drivers and food services workers to sit idle, we are grateful the school district is putting them to work passing out free meals. Please take advantage of this great service! Those preparing and distributing meals are taking appropriate precautions and the food is pre-packaged and the packages are placed inside of a paper bag.

Please know that children are still allowed to pick up meals at their designated meal distribution locations. Some expressed concern that the state’s new “Stay at Home” order meant they could no longer go to these locations for their children to obtain food. This program falls under one of the identified reasons you are ALLOWED to leave your home. However, we encourage you to follow social distancing guidelines and stay at least six feet away from others who are there. As much as children may want to visit or hug their friends, please do not allow this to happen.

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