February 9, 2011

Thank you very much to community members who attended the recent (April 24) hearing by the Columbus Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) of an appeal from a Code Enforcement order by the owner of property located at 2210 East Dublin Granville Road concerning the operation of an adult entertainment establishment there known as “Club Escape.”

This Week Northland News reporter Kevin Parks also attended the hearing, and his article in the current week’s edition concerning the hearing and the Board’s decision to sustain the Code Enforcement Division’s order is here:

The presence of a large number of concerned community members at the hearing was, I think, apparent to the members of the BZA.  The appeal dealt exclusively with factual and legal issues surrounding the opening and operation of the business, events leading up to it and the property’s current zoning, not with community preferences.  However, I think the attendance of local residents helped to ensure that the BZA took the time to understand all aspects of the case, and ultimately may have contributed to a decision by the BZA which I believe will benefit the Northland community and particularly surrounding neighborhoods to the property.

Thanks also to Neighborhood Liaison Dick Graham, who obtained a copy of the Board’s formal decision, order and entry to share with you.

Dave Paul
Development Committee Chair/Past President
Northland Community Council

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