Church Rezoning: Community Meeting Oct. 8

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The Community Meeting to discuss the sale of the church and possible rezoning of the property is set for next Tuesday Oct 8th at 7:00 p.m. at the EMA building on Strawberry Farms Blvd.

Please invite as many neighbors as possible. If you would like to have some copies of the information on the zoning of the church’s property and what all can be built there, please let a SFCA board member know! This is important! We need a large presence to show that our community will not support a majority of establishments that can be put there! Come and be informed!

Please, please come out for this meeting if at all possible!! They want to rezone to commercial which means most anything can be built on the church property…even cabarets, pawn brokers, bars, nightclubs, just to name a few. This could have a very negative affect on our community and property values. We were given little notice, so getting printed information out to the community we not possible. Tina Morris


Following is a link to all Columbus zoning codes. You can browse through the “Commercial” codes in chapters 3351, 3353, 3355, and 3356 by clicking on “Title 33 – Zoning code” on the left side of the page.


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